SJSU Portfolio


CTC Standard 22: Professionalism

“Each candidate demonstrates personal responsibility to the profession and a broad understanding of the role of the profession in society. The candidate demonstrates potential for development through self–assessment and cooperation with other members of the profession and the school community”(p.22).

CTC Standard 18: Diversity

“Each candidate demonstrates skill in selecting, preparing, evaluating and using instructional strategies, activities and resources that are appropriate to the diverse needs, interests and learning styles of all students and that mayrelate to differences such as ethnicity, culture, gender, physical or mental capabilities, language and socio-economic background” (p.18).


    I believe that reading and information literacy are the cornerstones of a cultured democratic society, that both are in jeopardy, and that an increase in funding and attention for qualified librarians in American public schools at all grade levels is one of the best ways to protect and encourage these habits of mind. A competent teacher librarian helps improve our culture and communities. When I receive my degree and credential, I will be very proud to be part of such an important and dynamic profession, and, at the local level, have already begun to take a responsible advocacy role for the profession through my participation as a library advocate on two school redesign committees, and also through a meeting I scheduled with the District Superintendant. More generally, I greatly admire the difficult ethical stands taken by the ALA on censorship, privacy, and access rights. I support their positions and utilize their resources, therefore I am a dues–paying member. Since this year’s card was literally eaten by a dog, below is an image of last year’s card.

  • 1. ALA Card
  • I am now the alternate on the School Site Council representing library issues, advocating for professional treatment for our library staff.

  • 2. Site Council Agenda